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working with what you have 

Published:  July 2015

Photographer:  Salina Brilla - Huntsville, AL

Copyright:  © 2015



Salina has a keen eye, and her brazen, resourceful spirit let's nothing keep her from creating. Her intention as a photographer is, "To see myself and other people in an uncommon light. To illuminate a pure moment in time, and overcome fear of vulnerability." We applaud Salina for not letting the lack of "proper equipment" impede her drive to create and explore. In all manner of ways, Salina Brilla is a Sovereign Hue.

Check out the photo series below, including a description of her journey in her own words.


"in the dark"

                                                                                 Photo series by Salina Brilla

"These photo's were all taken either on my porch or behind Copper Top. They were taken with my phone and no modifications have been made. The colored lights are LED lights I painted with glass paint. I enjoy these pictures because not only are they alot of fun to take, but I feel like they capture a genuine image of the persons personality. I grabbed these people I know and asked if they would come out back and take pictures with me and my lights. Some images are creepy, odd, or beautiful."