The origin of a tree begins with a seed.

That seed then grows into a root.   Underneath the surface, the root provides a solid foundation so that it may eventually reach above ground, to search for what it needs to survive, and hold its’ place.

The tree reaches for the sun, the rain, and the remnants of others that breathe, for it’s nourishment and stability, and to become the tree it was meant to be.  When a tree branches out, it celebrates its’ manifestation by growing leaves to capture the essence of light, and then gives birth to more seeds to populate. 

A tree does not limit itself to usurping.

A tree gives back by providing oxygen and cleaning the air, so that others who breathe can continue to contribute to the tree’s existence.  A tree provides a home and protective shade to those fortunate enough to bask in its’ grandeur.  A tree deliberately and poignantly devotes itself to the cycle of life.

Still, the seed must be healthy when it is planted, before it can grow into a strong tree that can stand with the others. But even then, if a tree should come into suffering, the other trees that surround it will take less than they need, to see the troubled tree through, and back to it’s strength. When it no longer receives nourishment, or when it’s environment becomes inhabitable, the tree will fall.

However, a tree will also do all it can under dire conditions to make its’ way.  When a tree grows too close to a house, often times its’ roots will strangle the homes’ pipes.  A tree will force its’ roots through the concrete of a drain pipe, clogging the thoroughfare, all in the search of water, an absolute necessity for its’ survival.  A tree will, at times, transform itself to live in harmony, or grow around that which impedes it, creating a unique and unmatched beauty.  All in all, a tree will not easily relent and will make the decision to adapt when called upon to do so.

We all start our lives much in the same way as a seed.  We come here as little bundles of hope, with the possibility of branching out to greatness.  We push to grow trusting that we will receive the nurturing that we need to become capable and loving human beings.

Sadly, and all too often, some of us don’t get enough sunshine, and some get nothing but rain.  Some of us are growing in unfavorable places, and get ignored by the others, and are left without nourishment.  Without what we need, some of us fall, but then there are still others, who will not relent and choose to adapt and recreate themselves, so that they can find peace, and work around what would impede them.    

I aspire to be a tree of nurture.  I want people to find solace and comfort in my “shade”.   I will be that tree that inspires strength to branch out, and reach for the sun.  I am the tree that would not relent.  I grew around my obstacles and transformed them into MY beauty, MY peace.

I’m looking for those of you that have done, or are ready to do the same.

You are more than magical.  You are masterful. 

You are Sovereign Hues.

The sunshine awaits.......


 Stacie Brudenell

-Founder & Chief Creative Force