rights and usage agreement

  1. By submitting artwork and/or music, the artist stipulates that his or her submission are the artist's own original creation, and not reproduced in any way, that would infringe on third party rights.
  2. Copyright of selected artwork and/or music remains with the artist who has agreed to grant permission for use on the Sovereign Hues LLC website, for a period of 90 days as a featured artist, beginning at the first day of each month, and in perpetuity in the Sovereign Hues LLC archive. Artwork received and accepted in any given month, will be placed on the website the following quarter. You will be notified by email of your artworks acceptance to the Sovereign Hues LLC website.
  3. By signing this agreement, the artist authorizes Sovereign Hues LLC use of the submitted material for press releases, articles, events and promotional materials, as needed, at the moment of artwork acceptance, and during the 90 days of exhibition on the Sovereign Hues LLC website.
  4. If after the aforementioned 90 day exhibition an artist's creation is needed by Sovereign Hues LLC for any other promotional materials, said artist will be contacted for permission for use of their archived work. The artist's permission to display work cannot be reversed. Use and removal of submissions is entirely at the discretion of Sovereign Hues LLC.
  5. If selected as a featured artist by Sovereign Hues LLC, the artist's signiture on this agreement affirms permission to use the artist's name, likeness, entry of artwork, and to photograph or video him or her for the purposes of publicity and promotion.

Org. 2015

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I have read and understand all of the Sovereign Hues guidelines and Rights and Usage Agreement. By typing my name and date in below, I adhere to all parts of this agreement.